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Howard Rudzki, CEO


Howard Rudzki has been a successful real estate developer and technology investor for more than 25 years.


He saw the potential of the real estate market in the early ‘90s and began acquiring various real estate asset classes. As a principal partner in Magnus Investment Partners, LLC., Howard has been able to acquire, develop and turn around projects that have consistently outperformed the marketplace. He’s personally involved in all aspects of the projects, which include commercial, industrial, multifamily and residential.


Known for his vision, strategic thinking and expertise in structuring complex  real   estate   transactions,    Howard 

establishes and maintains relationships with government and private groups; raises capital including equity and debt; oversees development on the company’s investments and management of its corporate real estate assets, as well as lease and sale contracts.

His track record also includes a number of successful technology investments spanning online retail, LED lighting, web development and bio tech. In 2012, Howard co-founded Clean Green LED, a company focused on retrofitting traditional lighting fixtures in commercial building to LED lighting. Additionally, in early 2000, he advised co-founder Dr. Andreas Reiff on the startup of TheraKine, a medical bio tech ophthalmic drug delivery company. 


He also founded a leading technology company HLR Technologies that developed, the world’s first website creator for individuals which was sold to Waterman, Inc. in 1993; Kids Universe, the first online toy and software store; and iVenue, the world’s first website creator for corporations was sold to NOS Communications, Inc. in 2000. Today, iVenue remains is a leading e-business solutions provider that builds and hosts state-of-the-art, industry-specific websites for its clients. Additionally, in 1994, he advised Philip Chevins on the startup of Connaught Wilkes, a leading global market, data and research firm for the technology industry.

From Beverly Hills, Calif., Howard began his career in the mid-1980s, with the establishment of HLR International, a holding company that invested globally in real estate assets; oil wells and gas reserves; custom high-end lighting fixture manufacturing for the hospitality, residential and commercial industries; and feature film.


The assets that HLR developed include refurbishment and development of blocks of commercial and retail space in Hollywood; development of a multi-acre parcel of land into a 100-home subdivision and pioneered the building of pre-fab homes in Painted Desert, NV; acquisition, development and permitting for 12 contiguous properties on the Santa Monica beachfront into high-end single family residences; ownership and management of more than 300 apartments in the MacArthur Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA; development, building and management of commercial real estate in Tel Aviv, Israel; and development and building of the first lighting fixture manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China.


Howard attributes integrity and quality as the traits that have helped him become successful. “In everything I do, I strive to deliver maximum value by doing what’s best for my partners to deliver the greatest returns.”

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